WAES - Web Auto Enum & Scanner

WAES:-- CPH:SEC WAES: Web Auto Enum & Scanner - Auto enums website(s) and dumps files as result.

Doing HTB or other CTFs enumeration against targets with HTTP(S) can become trivial. It can get tiresome to always run the same script/tests on every box eg. nmap, nikto, dirb and so on. A one-click on target with automatic reports coming solves the issue. Furthermore, with a script the enum process can be optimized while saving time for a hacker. This is what CPH:SEC WAES or Web Auto Enum & Scanner is created for. WAES runs 4 steps of scanning against the target (see more below) to optimize the time spent scanning. While multi-core or multi-threaded scanning could be implemented it will almost surely get boxes to hang and so is undesirable.

From the current version and forward WAES will include an install script (see below) as the project moves from alpha to beta phase.
WAES could have been developed in python but good bash projects need to learn bash.
WAES is currently made for CTF boxes but is moving towards online uses (see todo section)

Download Link:-



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