Osmedeus - Fully Automated Offensive Security Tool

Osmedeus - Fully Automated Offensive Security Tool For Reconnaissance And Vulnerability Scanning.


Osmedeus allows you automated run the collection of awesome tools to reconnaissance and vulnerability scanning against the target.



1. Subdomain Scan.

2. Sub domain TakeOver Scan.

3. Screenshot the target.

4. Basic recon like Whois, Dig info.

5. Web Technology detection.

6. IP Discovery.

7. CORS Scan.

8. SSL Scan.

9. Wayback Machine Discovery.

10. URL Discovery.

11. Headers Scan.

12. Port Scan.

13. Vulnerable Scan.

14. Separate work-spaces to store all scan output and details



16. React Web UI.

17. Support Continuous Scan.

18. Slack notifications.

19. Easily view report from command line.


Download Link:-



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